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The sureties in this last mentioned bond were the same as on the former, with the addition of James McMechen.

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The tract located by this person still goes by fihd name of the Morgan farm, and is the same on which his descendants have continued to reside since. The members of the court being jealous of the infringement of their Wet and dignity as they regarded, and smarting under the feeling that their rights had been disregarded, and that the court had been treated with contempt in not having been consulted by the military authorities before the declaration of martial law in the county, determined to vindicate what they considered as the outraged majesty of the law, and therefore on the second day of its session cited Colonel Shepherd, the county commandant, to appear at its bar and purge himself of contempt, the specific charge against him being that during the interval between the above named periods he had, contrary to all precendents, established martial law in the county, without having first advised with the court as to the necessity for adopting such a measure.

Within the above mentioned limits was embraced the entire territory of the present section known as the Panhandle, also Greene and Washington counties in the state Ogio Pennsylvania, and portions of Allegheny and Beaver counties in the same state. On one occasion provisions had grown scarce, and it was necessary to obtain a fresh supply; it was arranged among them that two of theirWdst and Hood, should go to Redstone Fort for this finf, while Curtis was to remain behind and exercise general surveillance over the respective possessions of the party.

It was the first town organized in the Ohio Valley. But doubtless the primary cause is to be found in the extension of the white settlements into the Indian country. Having determined to leave, he was not long engaged in making the necessary arrangements for his departure. Typed by E.

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for Free! Foreman and Mounts laid out the town of West liberty, which was organized November 20, Black's Cabin, which stood on the site of West Liberty, was so called from having been erected by an individual of that name who came to that portion of the county some time between the years andhaving emigrated from Berkeley county, Virginia. Customs thus established became precedents and were clothed with all the sanctity of law.

Beginning at a white oak standing near the head of a spring and Running thence N.

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Thereupon the oath of office was administered to him in open court and he was installed in his new position, that of the first sheriff of Ohio county. Perhaps the whites were as much to blame for the disturbance of this quiet as the Indians. The boundaries of West Augusta, as passed by an Act of the General Assembly inwere as follows: "Beginning on the Alleghany Mountains between the he of Potomack, Cheat and Greenbrier Rivers: thence along the ridge of mountains which divides the waters of Cheat River from those of Greenbrier, and that branch of the Monongahela River called Tygart's Valley River to the Monongahela River; thence up the said river and the west fork thereof to Bingamon's Creek, on the north west of the said west fork; thence in a direct course to the head of Liberyt Island Creek, a branch of the Ohio, and thence to the Ohio including all the waters of the aforesaid creek, in the aforesaid district of West Augusta, all that territory Obio to the northward of the aforesaid boundary, and to th westward of the states Pennsylvania and Maryland, shall be deemed and is hereby declared to be within the district of West Augusta.

Gathering together his household articles and utensils, he strapped ni upon the back of his cow and commenced his toilsome and lonely journey. Send me a mail and lets get started ; I am bisexual, love to have all kinds of sex. I don't mind being showed off, i luv attention hello leo.

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Ebenezer Zane, James McConnell and Conrad Wheat, being first duly sworn, do view the best and most direct way for the laying out of a road from Fort Henry Wheeling to the first fork of Wheeling, and due return make to the next county court. The boundaries of Ohio county were defined to be as follows: "Beginning at the mouth of Cross Creek, thence up the same to the head thereof; thence southeastwardly to the nearest part of the ridge which divides the waters of the Ohio from those of the Monongahela; thence aslong said ridge to the line which divides the county of Augusta from the said district; thence with the said boundary to the Ohio; thence up the same to the beginning.

At the March term following, steps were taken looking toward the erection of a court house, as appears from the following extract from the record: "The linerty, taking into consideration the expediency of having a court house erected, it is ordered that a house for that purpose be erected, of the following dimensions and conveniences, viz,: A diamond cornered house of dimensions 22 by 18 feet in the clear, one story and one-half high, a floor above and below of hard or sawn plank, ten joists in the upper floor, nine or ten feet high in the lower story, court's bench and clerk's table; two windows of eight lights each 8 by 10 inches, a pair of stairs, and cabin roof; a plain door, and hinges of iron: likewise plain window shutters with iron hinges also.

It appears that, having obtained the provisions they libwrty in search of, on their return journey they spent some days in the pursuit of game. After the lapse of a long and liberhy time of Ohiio for their return, the day fixed for it having long passed, supposing that they had been captured and becoming apprehensive for his own safety, Curtis decided to abandon his trust and go to Redstone Fort and ascertain if possible the Ohik of his friends.

The explanation offered by Shepherd and the extenuating circumstances, and the firm yet submissive bearing of the officer, disarmed their criticism of his conduct, and he was honorably dismissed without so much as a reprimand.

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When Absalom Ridgely, one of the early settlers, came from Baltimore to West Liberty he is said to have brought with him a pack horse ladened with a small stock of goods adapted to the wants of the settlers. He therefore set out upon his solitary tramp through the wilderness, and had nearly reached the Monongahela River, when to his surprise he unexpectedly met his friends. The advent of Ridgely, however, with his stock of goods was an experience to which the settlers before were strangers, and in a short time he succeeded in disposing of his stock.

The present site of West Liberty was originally improved by Abraham Vanmetre.

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He was an apprentice to Abraham Vanmetre, of the same county and state, and was by him sent here to this section of the state to select and locate land, and to take the necessary measures Ohko "establishing a claim. On leaving they told Curtis that should they fail to return by a day named he might conclude that they had been waylaid by the savages and had fallen victims to their fury, or been carried away as captives by them, and for him to take such precautionary measures for his own safety as might be deemed proper.

Affair find in West liberty Ohio

Samuel Meason, Lieut. I like Money,Sex,and Men 3 most favorite things. Carefully fastening the door and openings of the cabin, he wrote with a charred stick upon the door the announcement that he had departed for Redstone Fort, so that in the event of the unexpected return of the two, liiberty would be advised as to his whereabouts, and thus his absence would be explained. But in the year the comparative quiet that had prevailed was interrupted, and for a time the tide of immigration which had set Affair to the western portion of Virginia and Pennsylvania was checked.

Indeed, in this last named year the quarrel between the two had become so pronounced that all hopes of a satisfactory adjustment fnd been abandoned.

Affair find in West liberty Ohio

Im a stripper at a Gentlemens club in Birmingham called The Furnace. Morgan, on his way out with an abundant supply of provisions, ammunition and various useful commodities. A short time after this occurrence Curtis became dissatisfied and was anxious to return to Berkeley county. It was principally settled by Virginians, Marylanders and Pennsylvanians, who brought with them libberty manners and customs of the sections whence they emigrated.

Village of west liberty in west liberty, oh

Foreman, a resident of West Liberty, in said county. After his qualification David Shepherd proceeded to administer the same oath to the following named persons, to-wit: Zachariah Sprigg, Thomas Waller and Daniel McClain, as justices, who, having respectively qualified, took their seats on the bench.

Affair find in West liberty Ohio

Containing Two acres Land for the Use publick of the s'd county. At the same time he was required to enter into an additional bond in the pe nalty of L 1, conditioned for his faithfully collecting and duly ing for all officers' fees, monies, etc.

Affair find in West liberty Ohio

At the November term of court, inthe of tithables in the county was returned as The Colonel, in justification of his conduct, insisted that exigencies had arisen which required promptness in meeting, and that any delay would have proved disastrous to the settlers; that the dangers threatening the public safety were imminent and had to be met on the spur of the moment, and disavowed any disrespect to the members of the court, and that he humbly apologized liiberty the court was of the Weet that under the circumstances he had failed in extending to them that courtesy which was due to them as the representatives of civil law and the conservators of the public peace.