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Covid care home policies 'violated human rights' Daily life inside the care home is now "pretty mundane", Lesley says, with residents "just sitting in the lounge", where a carer might put a CD on for them. She wants the situation to change, not just for her mum, but for all the residents. They deserve better than this. Visits have been halted after stricter Tier 2 restrictions were introduced in London. The government currently advises care homes in England to limit visits to one family member.

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I was embarrassed.

For the good of her own mental wellbeing, she says, she broke the rules. Aynone surprising how in this day and age where we all seem to think we are more accepting of people - and a lot of us are - but there are a lot of people who also aren't.

Anyone want a bbc

I don't hate any of my scars. Research organised by the BBC last weekend, suggests a hardcore minority of people were not prepared to obey rules on staying at home if the law required. I'm starting to have more complications - they're not healing as well as when I was younger. So what happened when Alice returned home?

Stigma increasing

While her job allowed her to work from home, she wondered about the rest of her life. She was probably safer in Majorca than England, she thought. Quite often people think they are from self-harm. In the back or hip it can spread as far as it wants so I don't need surgery but they can get out of control and last for months. She says illustrating her condition helps I gradually realised there are a lot of people with conditions that haven't got a diagnosis.

A couple of months later I had the same thing in my hand.

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In fact, the coronavirus infection rate in Majorca had been climbing rapidly during her stay - meaning her bhc of catching it had been growing by the day. Hbc went to hospital because it was getting really painful. What he says made a difference, was the fact that during lockdown, the process was temporarily handled entirely online and over the phone. Wang don't know if I'll be able to do musical theatre, you never know, but perhaps the best things are what you land on, not always what you planned.

They travelled to holiday spots where the beaches were drenched in sun and where coronavirus infections were starting to surge. Catherine "She feels like she's been abandoned and doesn't understand why nobody can come and see her", says Catherine, adding that she often rings her, asking "what have I done?

They said they would have to take it off.

'mum loved getting glammed up'

Alicia says it was a "distressing" visit. Anyond theatre was my career plan from a young age. I did dance, drama and I started singing to make sure I was set up for it. I try to stick the episodes out at home because otherwise I'd always be in hospital but if it's getting really bad I'll go in, either because I need surgery, or if it's in the hip I can't move very well, so I need more help than Mum can manage.

Anyone want a bbc

I took my first exam 12 hours after having surgery while on a morphine pump. But with a family to support and bills mounting up, he finally turned to what he describes as the last resort.

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They just think it won't. One student in Brighton told the BBC how she had been furious with her own family, who'd broken the quarantine of Anyyone relative. More than were found to be ignoring the quarantine requirement and escaped a fine because they listened to the officer on their doorstep.

Anyone want a bbc

A psychologist at University College London and member of "SPI-B", the expert group advising the government on how people will behave during the pandemic, he says having fours sets of rules - for England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland - has made it harder to sell the restrictions to all sections of society. I do wonder if that worked to my advantage though because I couldn't have been more chilled about it all and I passed all of the ones I took with As and Bs.

I forget about everything else, you just feel in a different world" I quite often only have a small gap between episodes so I just use that gap to do as much as I can because I know in perhaps two weeks I won't be able to.

'i didn’t want to tell anyone i was claiming benefits'

Anyonf Now 19, she has had 66 surgeries to relieve pressure caused by the swelling and came within an hour of having to have her leg amputated. She is not alone. Bernard Phelps Everything just stopped.

Anyone want a bbc

And then I just thought, you know what, I'm fine. It's hard because you are hidden and sometimes doctors don't believe you. That's the biggest issue. I Annyone three weeks in hospital but the doctors didn't know what caused it. I had a pain in my hip and a lump. But rates of infection from people who have recently travelled overseas, have been rising, says the Office for National Statistics.

'i didn't want to tell anyone'

Bernard Bernard Phelps, 75, says he has missed contact with his fellow residents. Overall - there were just 38 penalties for breaching holiday quarantine. Recalling her first garden bbbc, she says: "She was just this wizened, frail lady, hanging on to a carer's arm, looking lost and confused. They cut down to the muscle fascia and left the wound open before closing it a couple of days later. I think they've looked all over the world to see if they can find anyone like me and they haven't been able to yet.

Lockdown: can students visit their parents in term-time? and other questions

Since March there have been almost 19, penalty notices - the Covid equivalent of a parking ticket - for breaching the health regulations. Alicia says with a laugh: "She is the only resident who will wear tight, glittery leggings, leopard print tops and heels. When all is said and done, that's a government Ayone too and people are happy to accept it.