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We are a laid back fun bunch that puts real life first. We all know people have families and jobs. We are mostly US based at the moment and are trying to Boredlookint to all time zones. While our corp is mostly Indy at heart we are not afraid to fight. We are looking for pilots of all areas.

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Paynesville, Winlock, Rainier

Something like a 7x50 or 8x60 is ideal. There is always something new to learn about.

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I also don't know my constellations. I do this :o I'm trying to get all from my latitude 27S the messiers and caldwells first I can recommend a freeware prog called astroplanner for actually keeping and arranging your list of potential objects. I saw the dumbell through a 30" once The result is that you never get bored at the scope.

I saw omega centori through a high quality 16" scope with a really high quality eyepeice Tog Dec, AM Stars can get boring after a while, that's why there are nebulae, glaxies, planets, etc.

Boredlooking to hang out

I looked at it for about 10minitus What's the point of laying out money even on something as inexpensive as a small dobsonian if you soon find that you would be happier with a modest-sized apochromat? Kaptain K Jan, AM For inspiration concerning what things to put on my list I oyt the monthly magazines and the cartes du ceil software.

The longer I looked, the more detail I saw.

Once you've 'seen' everything, go back and lok at it. How often Boreclooking you look at the stars and enthusiastic are you about astronomy now compared to the first time you looked through a telescope? While our corp is mostly Indy at heart we are not afraid to fight.

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After a while I could make out finer wisps. At first glance there was a tornado looking thing. If you go over 8x magnification, you will probably need a tripod to keep them steady enough. Did anyone else feel that way before you got into astronomy?

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If you get a nice comprehensive guide like Burnham's and start chasing down interesting doubles and challenging your observing skills, you may never want to stop. Depending on the scope, there is a good chance some new feature will pop out at you from out of nowhere. Meanwhile, hope you get "hooked" or should I say, "assimilated"?

That hits me every single time. Or, even just staring up at the night sky sans optics, I'm just totally hooked.

Boredlooking to hang out

It was spectacular! My advice: buy the scope, if you are interested enough in the subject to post here then you'll get hooked sooner or later anyway, so why fight it?

Boredlooking to hang out

We also have lots for our pvp pilots to do. But to get back to the question--yes, I'm still stoked. I think this is the point when many give up.

As you mature into the hobby you will find that you become less concerned with how pretty an kut is although that still matters and more concerned with hunting it down and finding it as the objects on your "to find" list get harder and harder. This is true of just about any hobby. We are a laid back fun bunch that puts real life first.

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I'll wait for the amateur experts to reply. I would recommend you get a pair of binoculars made for star gazing before you shell out for a decent telescope. I just developed the curiosity of astronomy a couple of weeks ago. Part of my problem is that I downloaded the stellarium software and I've already seen several of the objects that I wanted to see with my telescope.

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But what I DO find fascinating are the planets and their moons. You certainly should do this before you spend any money on a telescope. I guess that would depend on what equipment you eventually get a dollar dept. For some people, it's the Moon, for others, the Solar System, and for still others, "deep-space objects.

Examples of various ways to invite people to hang out

It hits me every time. They then conclude that astronomy is too hard, or that the problem is that they are too stupid to do astronomy, when the problem is entirely with the equipment. Saluki Dec, PM You would be Booredlooking at what you can see with a good pair of binoculars.