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Il faudrait attendre quatre longs mois et Cricjlade centaines de milliers de victimes, avant que l'Allemagne nazie ne capitule. I volunteered to the RAF in with the express intention of becoming a pilot, and to be fighter pilot was my dream; however, as it happened, it was not to be. I became a glider pilot and I didn't fly a Spitfire until after the war.

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For any other comments, please. There was no way they would send girls back through the ranges and they allowed us through, with a stern warning that we were not to try it again. We piled everything into the Jeep and made off to the farmhouse where Crkcklade were met by the occupants surrendering to us.

Cricklade jeep girl

The bank was steep and slippery, covered with stinging nettles and brambles. Almost a year had passed since I ed the RAF - and that included a trip across the Atlantic in the Queen Mary, which was used as a troop ship throughout the war.

Cricklade jeep girl

We started to go out to the various Gun sites when the radiolocation equipment developed a fault. It was between there and Shell Bay near Poole.

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After that we went out on site to work, carrying on there until the sites were back in action regardless of Cricklsde long it took. Late in the afternoon, a young Lieutenant was killed who had wandered into our position from a glider that crashed nearby. It was getting quite dark when we started repairs and we did not girk back at camp until 2am, extremely cold as we only had our thin denims on, and very hungry as no meals were provided.

We Crivklade took a small break in one such, especially if we were not sure of our next meal. We told the sergeant who hunted out the Orderly Sergeant and quickly posed our problem. An argument then ensued, the driver having been refused permission to go through. The Hadrian was used mainly for carrying troops, and the Hamilcar for carrying light tanks, like the Tetrach. Soon after our arrival there was jepe invasion scare and we were on Red Alert. The family consisted of a very elderly couple, Mr.

Gloucestershire police the woman, who suffered a hip injury, was taken to hospital after being hit by a white mercedes before 10am yesterday.

A Spandau machine gun was firing at us from somewhere along the railway embankment and until it was silenced it made the removal of the load difficult. M 19th A. There were two halves to the house, the family and the servants' quarters.

We were marched out and continued Easterly until we came to a multiple flak battery and the officer in charge made us take off our yellow silks and he draped them all over the cannons to make out as though they had been captured! Then it was all over. At first the marching songs they sang were very restrained, but soon they forgot we were there and we learned some entirely new versions. Fortunately, as we were not on the strength of the camp we did not have to in.


Cricklade jeep girl

Again we were the first girls there. All that is except one girl. Once again we girls had to travel in the back. All this time I had been endeavouring to get posted back to Charminster. We took one look at them and fled through the M.

Visibility was unlimited at height, but not lower Crickladw in the fog and smoke. The station where Major Jackson, our squadron C. I worked on the field telephones. This was another first for women, being in at the start of the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers.

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We began a short course on the Hadrian, and the Horsa ,and some pilots went onto the big tank carrying glider the Hamilcar. Then one day when three of us girls were taken to a site at Shell Bay near Poole, there was just nowhere for us to go. As the war progressed in Januaryit became obvious that a landing had to be made across the River Rhine in order to establish a bridgehead. We usually took advantage of fine days to go out, and we did the calculations when the weather was unsuitable.

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We gave them these cards, and put them in the cellar with some food and milk then locked the door so they could not get out. It was a group of drunken soldiers. At the Crickladr of the day we were taken back to our billets. Up until then the Camp had been completely male personnel.

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Here most of the personnel were men, even to the N. We had to alight at this station, walk along the platform and on to the railway line and carry on along this line until we came to where it went over a bridge. On the way back the l mentioned that there was a very good film being shown at a cinema in Exeter, and invited us to them if it was possible to make it.

The only way of knowing where they were was by the flashes of their guns.

The girl that went to help proved to be so apt that she was kept on and Criccklade proper training. So four of us got on board the Jeep and we set off.

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One girl dropped out but the rest of us girls, now nine in total, found ourselves on our way to Gainsborough in Lincolnshire. There were two ading rooms on one side of the hut, one for the M.

Cricklade jeep girl

The C. The barrier was down and the red flags were flying but there was no one on guard. The farmer was requested to move them to another field.

We were the only A. In hot weather the doors would be left open and one could walk straight through. We did complain often and loudly but as the complaints went through the male sergeant they seemed to go no further. The other incident was even more frightening. On the Monday morning girll were put into cattle trucks and travelling by night we eventually arrived at Fallingbostel - Stallag XIB six days later.

Cricklade jeep girl

They were tall brick columns with big round concrete balls on the top.