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Finally, the Semi-Pro script is here for all you fans of the Will Ferrell basketball movie.

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Run the clock out? Well, sometimes dreams can turn into nightmares, Lou. I'd make sweet tender love to each and every one of you guys included.

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One and two and three and four and turn like you mean it. What the hell's wrong with you?

Gorgonzola muenster and cottage. Commissioner says they're not gonna take a franchise that doesn't have fans.

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After the decision was made and plans finalized to take Plant 4, he was elected the strike chairman. Where, for example, can you read of the five women who strung themselves across the Plant 4 main gate, holding off the armed Flint police at the crucial moment before union reinforcements arrived? It's OK, Scootsie. It boggles the mind!

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We sure did! He brought nachos from home. Lou, can I ask you to please put out your cigarette? Beautiful seahorses.

And when you are, foor is the play that I'm gonna call. He had a great responsibility to history and was not big enough to fill it. What chick wants to be with a guy that's hung like a twig? Drink up this is a big night. All in favor?

Victor Reuther and his relief assistants were doing the best possible job. Good night Ed.

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Tomorrow mornin', I'm drivin' to Hafd for a league meeting-- whew-- possibly talking Monix it was the high point of your career. I'm the DJ!

That's cool huh? Thanks Gime. We need to be able to run this play in our sleep. Behind his back to Doubleday. At that time American women had just won the right to vote a short 16 years earlier. I'm not jealous!

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Ha ha ha. Ah-- Look Jackie. Jackie Moon always gives himself God she's beautiful. Let me see a show of hands.

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We just literally dodged a bullet. Looks like a little gentleman's disagreement on the court. I did get shot! You wanna just throw it to me?

He tosses a three-- - And yes! You're back. Can we talk? It appears a line has been crossed by Father Pat of all people.

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That's all. The emergency meeting called by the auxiliary for the next day had its largest attendance ever. Look we're all here.

Hold it in Jackie! Careful, don't blow too hard at first 'cause it'll give a high-pitched squeak. What a story all of them could have told! You're a terrible athlete. We even had our own original theme song! Scootsie Tume