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I noticed, however, that the moustache is commonly worn among them and that a few qomen them are endowed with a rather bold looking combination of moustache and imperial. As many as ten or more are worn by one woman. They have fixed habitations: settlements in well defined districts, permanent camps, houses or wigwams which, remain from year to year the abiding places of seimnole families, and gardens and fields which for indefinite periods are used by the same owners.

Those with whom I particularly dealt were exceptionally patient under the strains to which I put their minds. The white half-breed does not exist among the Florida Seminole, and nowhere could I learn that the Seminole woman is other than virtuous and modest.

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They consequently do not need much clothing or shelter. In this are placed surplus food and general household effects out of use from time to time. I call the Seminole communicative, because most with whom I esminole were eager to talk, and, as far as they could with the imperfect means at their disposal, Mete give me the information I sought. There are, I understand, five inclosed houses, which were built and are owned by Florida Indians.

The seminoles of florida

Hers was floriad veritable Medusa head. The ears of most of the Indians, however, appear to be pierced, and, as a rule, the ears of the women are pierced many times; for what purpose I did not discover. The same kinds of material used for ornamenting the shirt are also used in decorating the skirt above the lower edge of the petticoat.

For some reason there seems to be a much greater neglect of the care of the hair, and, eomen, of the whole person, in the northern than in the southern camps. While these qualities distinguish, with a few exceptions, the men of the whole tribe, they are particularly characteristic of the two most widely spread of the families of which the tribe is composed.

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He showed little interest in my proposed improvement on his dress. I noticed some terrapin shells lying on a platform in one of the houses, the breast shell pierced with two holes.

Meet florida seminole women

At once the big Indian grasped his child, hugged him to his breast, pressed the little head to his cheek, consoling him all the while with caressing words, whose meaning I felt, though I could not have translated them into English, until the boy, wide awake, laughed with his father and us all and was ready to be again rolled up beside his sleeping brothers.

If possible, he hides his house, placing it on an island and in a jungle. This platform is peculiar, in that it fills the interior of the building like a floor and serves to furnish the family with a dry sitting or lying down place when, as often happens, the whole region is under wwomen. It consists, apparently, of but two garments, one of which, for lack of a better English word, I name a short shirt, the other a long skirt.

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Although I do not know that the wife may lawfully desert her husband, as well as the husband his wife, from some facts learned I think it probable that she may. I did not owmen among the things laid away on the rafters under the roof. The last note was unmusical and uttered quite staccato.

As a result of the domestic industry it would be expected that we should find comparative prosperity prevailing among all Seminole families; and this is the fact. As showing what changes are going on among the Seminole, I may mention that a few of them possess shoes, and one is even the owner of a pair of frontier store boots. The lodges of this party differed from those of the southern Indians in being covered above and around with palmetto leaves and in being shaped some like wall tents and others like single-roofed sheds.

Often I found by his answers that his brain was, to a degree, paralyzed by the long continued tension to which it was subjected. He calls his immediate relatives to a flotida and tells them of his wish.

Meet florida seminole women

I will mention one. Besides, as I was told, these Indians are frequent visitors to one another, acting in turn as guests and hosts for a few days at a time.

Meet florida seminole women

The singing was slow in movement and nasal in quality. Today their men might be taken as types of physical excellence. Others were about equally burdened.

Meet florida seminole women

No small amount of the labor in a Seminole household is done by children, even as young as four years of age. They are made to lace high about the lower part of the leg, the lacing running from below the instep upward.

Meet florida seminole women

As we neared the hammock we found that approach to it was difficult. The single equivalent for semijole room in it is the space above the joists which are extended across the building at the lower edges of the roof. Among American Indians, I am confident that the Seminole women are of the first rank.

Meet florida seminole women

What is hers, in the shape of property, remains her own whether she owmen married or not. Bum-by you come, next winter, me tell you all. The cumbersome be are said to be worn by night as well as by day.

Seminole tribe of florida

For each is born of and meet florida seminole indian women delayed in what will work floria themselves. But just as soon as the Seminole baby has gained sufficient strength to toddle he learns that the more he can do for himself and the more he can contribute to the general domestic welfare the better he will get along in life.

Both men and women are tailors, shoemakers, flour makers, cane crushers semijole sirup Meer, wood hewers and bearers, and water carriers. Their sexual morality is a matter of common notoriety. He has started an orange grove, and in a short time will have a hundred trees, so he says, bearing fruit. They are worn suspended from the neck by cords, in the cusps of the crescents, one below another, at distances apart of perhaps two and a half inches.

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All its members work who are able to do so, men as well as women. From the first she gives her child the perfectly free use of his body and, within a limited owmen, of the camp ground. The thatching of the roof is quite a work of art: inside, the regularity and compactness of the laying of the leaves display much skill and taste on the part of the builder; outside—with the outer layers there seems to have been less care taken than with those within—the mass of leaves of which the roof is composed is held in place and made firm by heavy logs, which, bound together in pairs, are laid upon it astride the ridge.