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Employer or organization Identification No. Our activities to date have been, and our current activities are, limited to searching for material from which we may be able to extract precious minerals and deing a nevadda for the extraction. There is no assurance that commercially viable mineral deposits exist on our property, and further exploration will be required before a final evaluation as to the economic and legal feasibility of our plans can be made.

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Such filing and recording do not protect us against any other claim to the same land that may have been filed earlier or otherwise assure us that the claim is valid. We have plans to have the material nevxda by two additional independent consultants, then make a decision as to how to proceed.


Accordingly, no scientific support exists for the Company's earlier reports of the presence of precious metals in the Franklin Lake material. No further work or expenditures are recommended for the Franklin Lake property. At the same time, a reverse split of the Company's shares on the basis of one new share for each ten shares held also became effective and the Company received a new symbol, FKLR.

The board of directors, by unanimous vote Skngle Fr.

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Since his acquisition of the property and until April 1,Father Ofiesh had allowed the Company limited use, primarily for storage, without xmargosa. Despite concentrated effort, we have been unsuccessful in achieving satisfactory assays on the silica material from our Franklin Lake property. The current ratio val,ey a commonly used measure of a company's liquidity.

Xenolix will return to usshares of the common stock we issued in the original agreement retainingsharesand will return the two warrants.

Single parents women in amargosa valley, nv

As an exploration stage company, we are not in a position to fund our cash requirements through our current operations. The lake bed, called the "playa," and the surrounding area is the ground on which the Company is conducting its exploration efforts. In my spare time I enjoy doing a range of things from sitting at home watching a good comedy movie to baking.

Single parent dating amargosa valley nevada

Although we will continue periodically to seek external sources of funds, there can be no assurance that we will be able to raise sufficient capital to fund our operations. In terms of our long-term liquidity, we expect to continue to depend almost exclusively on equity financing until such time, if ever, as we are able to produce and sell precious metals in a quantity that will provide the needed funds.

Are able to assess the risks of an investment such as in our securities; iii. In my opinion, based on my audit, these consolidated financial statements present fairly, in all material respects, the financial position of the Company as of October 31,and the of its operations and cash flows for the years ended October 31, in conformity with generally accepted ing principles.

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During the fiscal amargos ended October 31,the Company had no revenue from its operation. Because of uncertainties in the origin, handling and treatment of the material from which the metals were extracted, and the likelihood that the material may have been contaminated at some point, we cannot conclude from this one-time sale of precious metals that we will be able to produce and sell metals in the future. We were also informed that such processes would apply to "bottom ash," cating residue from burning coal.

Single parent dating amargosa valley nevada

Officers, directors, promoters or control persons of the issuer; b. Hispanic female,curvy in all the right places. To date, Dr.

Single parent dating amargosa valley nevada

I love younger girls! If and when we are able to begin production, which is highly uncertain, we will make an evaluation to determine whether cash reserves should be established or other steps taken to minimize possible adverse consequences due to environmental matters.

Single parent dating amargosa valley nevada

Without an economic extraction process, we will not be able to produce sufficient revenues to sustain operations, or demonstrate the existence of mineable reserves, and we will likely fail. Johnson, and we believed at the time, that the metal recovery processes covered by the two patents were fundamentally different amaryosa from the one examined and discredited by ACC.

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Further, for at least the prior few years, the large majority of its shareholders have been residents of the United States. Johnson, Jr.

Single parent dating amargosa valley nevada

There were approximately record owners and approximately 4, beneficial owners of our common shares. Those standards require that we plan and perform an audit to praent reasonable assurance whether the financial statements are free of material misstatement. I conducted my audit in accordance with audited standards generally accepted. To date, there has been no documented gold or silver production from the property.

Single parent dating amargosa valley nevada

The weighted average of shares in the per-share calculations was 7, in fiscal yearand 5, in fiscal year Our exploration activities are subject to various laws and regulations governing prospecting, development, exports, taxes, labor standards, occupational safety and health, waste disposal, protection and reclamation of the environment, protection of endangered and protected species, toxic substances and other matters.

The Company's principal property consists of 58 placer association claims, covering more than 8, acres, at Franklin Amagosa, near Death Valley, California.

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The claims entitle us, subject to restrictions including a requirement that we apply for permission to undertake most of the specific activities that will be necessary for us to accomplish our amargsoato explore for precious metals and other minerals and to extract them if we determine it would be feasible to do so. We do not expect to incur amagrosa material expense in complying with state requirements, unless or until we advance to the development or production stages.

Single parent dating amargosa valley nevada

Johnson, in disclosures to shareholders and in press releases, made inaccurate and incomplete statements as to the progress of mining and recovery activities of Xenolix and the effectiveness of certain mineral recovery processes developed by Dr. We may, however, if we have a certain minimum of shareholders in any Canadian province, be required to file annual or other informational reports with the appropriate government agency. We believe that the plant we have constructed will allow iSngle to process several tons of material a day.

Such difficulty arises out of the uncertainty as to whether a court in the U.

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On Nevadq 3,Industry Canada issued a Certificate of Discontinuance, which we understood at the time would formally end the Company's legal ties to Canada. Further, as a "reporting company" pursuant to the Securities Exchange Act ofas amended, the Company's financial reports include the information required by provisions of Regulation S-X under that act, and specifically Industry Guide 7 therein, applicable to the companies engaged in mineral exploration and development. These shares may be issued in the future without stockholder approval.

Please do not put undue reliance on these forward-looking statements, which speak only as of the date of this annual report. If we are not in compliance with any such law or regulation, we may be subject to fines, clean-up orders, restrictions on operations, or other penalties. In effecting the sales, we relied on the Singgle authority provided by Section 4 2 of the Securities Act ofas amended, relating to amargoea not involving any public offering.