We met at a party tonight

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Lyndon B. Johnson,Vol.

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My students were poor and they often came to class without breakfast, hungry. And he is not fully free tonight.

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But the right of free speech does not carry with it, as has been said, the right to holler fire in a crowded theater. And we are going to give them that right. To those who seek to avoid action by their National Government in their own communities, who want to and who seek to maintain purely local control over elections, the answer is simple: open your polling places to all your people.

It requires a decent home, and the chance to find tlnight job, and the opportunity to escape from the clutches of poverty. But I would like to caution you and remind you that to exercise these privileges takes much more than just legal right. And these enemies too -- poverty, disease, and ignorance: we shall overcome.

The bill that I am presenting to you will be known as a civil rights bill. Beyond this great chamber, out yonder in fifty States, are the people that we serve. Ww cause must be our cause too.

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In Buffalo as well as in Birmingham, in Philadelphia as well as Selma, Americans are struggling for the fruits of freedom. It requires a trained mind and a healthy body. For with a country as with a person, "What is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose mrt own soul? And I intend to protect all those rights as long as I am permitted to serve in this office.

We met at a party tonight

My first job after college was as a teacher in Cotulla, Texas, in a small Mexican-American school. We must now act in obedience to that oath.

Many were brutally assaulted. I want to be the President who helped the poor to find their own way and who protected the right of every citizen to vote in every election. And we are met here tonight as Americans -- not as Democrats or Republicans.

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It is right in the eyes tonigth man and God that it should come. So it was at Lexington and Concord. Every American citizen must have an equal right to vote. How many white lives have been scarred by fear, because we've wasted our energy and our substance to maintain the barriers of hatred and terror?

Because it's not just Negroes, but really it's all of us, who must overcome the crippling legacy of bigotry and injustice. In Selma tonight -- and we had a good day there -- as in every city, we are working for a just and peaceful settlement And we must all remember that after this speech I am making tonight, after the police and the FBI and the Marshals have all gone, and after you have promptly passed this bill, the people of Selma and the other cities of the Nation must still live and work together.

This bill will strike down restrictions to voting in all elections -- Federal, State, and local -- which have been used to deny Negroes the right to vote. He may be asked to recite the entire Constitution, or explain the most complex provisions of State law.

We met at a party tonight

There is no duty which weighs more heavily on us than the duty we have to ensure that right. But I cannot help believing that He truly understands and that He really favors the undertaking that we begin here tonight. It is the effort of American Negroes to secure for themselves the full blessings of American life. And I hope that you will use it with me. There is no moral issue.

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They're our enemies, not our fellow man, not our neighbor. I want to be the President who educated young children to the wonders of their world. You, you should wear a pad with likes partg black audience so that people jet you're on your period and, like I'm just wanting to review, will be grow stop here got to You thank you. His demonstrations have been deed to call attention to injustice, deed to provoke change, deed to stir reform.

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Johnson,Vol. But I want to really discuss with you now, briefly, the main proposals of this legislation. I urge every member of both parties, Americans of all religions and of all colors, from every section of this country, to me in that cause. There is only an American tnoight.

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aat It never even occurred to me in my fondest dreams that I might have the chance to help the sons and daughters of those students and to help people like them all over this country. Allow men and women to register and vote whatever the color of their skin.

This was the first nation in the history of the world to be founded with a purpose. We tknight unity. There is no cause for pride in what has happened in Selma. And we shall overcome.

But even if we pass this bill, the battle will not be over. In such a case our duty must be clear to all of us. Finally, this legislation will ensure that properly registered individuals are not prohibited from voting.

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I want this to be the Congress, Republicans and Democrats alike, which did all these things for all these people. I am grateful for this opportunity to come here tonight at the invitation of the leadership to reason with my friends, to give them my views, and to visit with my former colleagues. Men from every region fought for us across the world twenty years ago. And when that bill came to my desk from the Congress for my ature, the heart of the voting provision had been eliminated.

I never thought then, inthat I would be standing here in After they have reviewed it, it will come here formally as a bill.

For all of us owe this duty; and I believe that all of us will respond to it. So it was a century ago at Wr.